Creator & Individual Developer


C++, Cocos2d-x, Objective-C, Cocoa, OSX, C#, XNA, HLSL (Shaders), XBOX 360, PC

Mac Editor that allows building character animations and interactions for a crossplatform 2D game.
  • Wrote a Character Editor that helps creating characters and animations using “parts” (head, torso, legs, weapons) that constitute the character.
  • Every part is a reference (source rectangle) in a sprite sheet.
  • The animation is constituted off of keyframes, which can have scripts attached to them.
  • Artists could only draw 1 generic pose for a character, then use the editor to create multiple animations.
  • Has triggers, which for instance could act as hotspots to squirt blood at specific frames…
  • Create as many frames as needed, keyframes as well as animations.
  • Supports scripting for Combat Combos creation, trigger events (slow motion, firing bullets, spraying blood, play sound, etc…)
  • Two characters could be loaded simultaneously to easily create interactional animations (like Fatalities, Finishing combo and more)
  • It has a playback view that shows a preview of the characters in motion.
  • Saves/loads any character within milliseconds. Plus the size of the generated file ranges from 100kb to 300kb!
  • To update any character and reflect the changes in the game, just modify it in the editor, save and run the game!
  • Then the game just loads the character and it’s ready for combat!

  • The editor’s UI was written in native Mac OS X (Objective-C / Cocoa).
  • And everything else using C++ / Cocos2d-x.
  • The whole level can be based off of 1 sprite sheet, and the editor will allow creating custom “level elements” that can be used to decorate the environment.

To view a demo of the game built, please click the button.