Creator & Individual Developer


C++, Cocos2d-x, Objective-C, Cocoa, OSX, C#, XNA, HLSL (Shaders), XBOX 360, PC

Mac Editor that allows building levels for a crossplatform 2D game.
  • Used for easy level creation.
  • The parallax effect is auto supported by just selecting which surface work on (i.e.: background, mid, foreground) and the editor will do the rest.
  • Placing and sorted the map segments (parts constituting the map) is done with just drag and drop!
  • The palette containing the map segments is generated by specifying which texture to read from and using one of the features to set the source rectangle (in the texture) of every segment.
  • Collision can be added to the world using the editor by either selecting a collision on squares (grid), or collision on segments with any orientation.
  • The script engine behind the editor supports more than 40 commands among these: changing the mood of the map (light, color, burn…), set the environmental effects (wind, fog), start/end point of the rooms, doors, items generation and of course enemy and boss spawning.
  • The editor saves/loads the level and generates a file that is readable in the 2D game and ready for: update, character-to-map collision, nice enemy generation and of course ready to be drawn!
  • When I update the map, I just save it and run the game! (without modifying any part in the game).

  • The editor’s UI was written in native Mac OS X (Objective-C / Cocoa).
  • And everything else using C++ / Cocos2d-x.
  • The whole level can be based off of 1 sprite sheet, and the editor will allow creating custom “level elements” that can be used to decorate the environment.

To view a demo of the game built, please click the button.