Individual Developer on Android App and iOS App, Co-Developer on IoT and Backend, and Manager/Tech Lead


Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift), Node.js, NFC, QR Code

PUGS Queue Photo
One of Booster’s offering is a pop-up gas station model where the customer would line up like a drive-thru style and our service professionals would top off their vehicles.

Contribution #1: Cross-functional Collaboration

  • I was the tech lead on the team, coordinating cross-functionally with Business stakeholders, Product, Design and Engineering.
  • Collaborated with one of Booster’s partners on an API integration.

Contribution #2: Overseeing the Consumer Web App

  • Screenshots below showcase the Web App that I was overseeing with two engineerings reporting to me.
  • The app was built in React.js and I assisted with the backend support in Node.js.
Booster PUGS

Contribution #3: Built the Customer iOS Application

  • I wrote the iOS app using Swift for our customers to use.
  • The app is extensively covered on this page. The illustrations below focus solely on the Pop-Up Gas Station experience.

Contribution #4: Built the Service Pro Android App

  • I wrote the Android app using Kotlin for our Service Professionals to use.
  • They’re able to login, locate customer orders by either searching or scanning the QR code, and fulfill orders.